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Friday, January 27, 2012

Hit It Hard

There is so much in this short 4:18 video. For those trying to grow companies or social ventures, this video is golden.

I was shown this video at an event yesterday at HBS, organized for New Brunswick stakeholders involved in fostering entrepreneurship. The particular session that showed this video was led by HBS faculty member Ramana Nanda, whose focus is on entrepreneurship financing. He wanted us to see how the interests of VC firms for backing home runs, not safe bets, leads to certain behavior ($50 million is interesting, $15 million is not). 

Another faculty member, Noam Wasserman, spoke about the learning entrepreneurs go through. His research shows that for many serial entrepreneurs, the second startup is more poorly managed than the first. It's not until the 3rd and 4th that venture they apply the right lessons learned. In the video James talks about some of the mistakes that Noam's research has found first and second time entrepreneurs making.

Now go hit it hard.

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  1. Great video, Tim. That's a must watch for anyone launching a venture.